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Latest CD - Grind Your Gears
It took a year long process of writing, performing, and recording, but it  finally became available and released  Oct., 2015. Twelve great tracks, all original material, recorded  live!  No overdubbing or modern recording devices used. This is pure all analog recording, meaning      (no computers) genuine! Only vintage 1950's recording equipment used,      just like the legends of rockabilly recorded. It wasn't easy, but we know you will love it! All CD artwork and design layout by    
Marc (Stretch) Nischan  from Detroit Michigan.

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Grind Your Gears  New Cd now Available
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54-97 Double Clutchers: Features rockabilly covers written from 1954 up to 1997.
Released Mar 3, 2014 (out of print)

Grind Your Gears all original music full-length CD with drums.
Released Nov. 07 , 2015 

First CD Cover                                  Design by Felipe Calavera Toltecatl
New CD Design by Stretch Nischan 
  CD Nov 2015.
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